Monday, February 6, 2012

What a little sun will do...

A couple weeks ago, this is what life on my street looked like.  This is before we lost power for two days (we were lucky, some people lost it for as much as two weeks).  This is also before the ice storm and before our governor declared Washington to be in a state of emergency.  Well, there's still a lot of clean up to be done, even in our own yard we have tons of branches down, and one is about 25 feet long!

Well today was a different story...It was beautiful and sunny!  I got out of the house and soaked it up.  'Went to a really good lunch with my Aunt Sheila and then did some bead shopping at Shipwreck.  We both found enough goodies to fill a little bag and went home inspired by our little treasures and the bright sunny day.  It can be so re-charging to get out and enjoy the first sunny days after a crazy winter storm.  It's supposed to be sunny again tomorrow, so my plan is to open the curtains, turn up the tunes and create!  The downed limbs can wait!!!

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