Monday, January 28, 2013

Count me in for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party, hosted by the gracious Lori Anderson!   This will be the second time I've participated in the fun event.  There are over 500 people participating this time, and that's a record!  This weekend we find out who our partners are, then it's time to get cooking!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Memories and Thanks

               Lori Anderson's idea for a Memories and Thanks Blog Hop appealed to me right from the first time I read about it.  What a wonderful way to honor those who have meant and do mean
so much to us.  Thank you Lori, for another wonderfully coordinated blog hop with such a special meaning.  I had ideas to create pieces in honor of several people who have touched my life.   I decided on a young lady that has touched my heart greatly, means the world me, and has become a big part of my family, Brielle Hall.

 Here is a picture of  Brielle and me taken this last Summer.

Brielle entered our lives ten years ago, when her family and ours moved into the same neighborhood.  Our daughter Sarah and she became fast friends after initially not really liking each other.  I'm proud to say that the two of them are best friends to this day.  They've been through their ups and downs, but have a wonderful, strong bond that I believe will last a lifetime.  She is a wonderful big sister to Sarah (She's about a year and a half older) and to our young one, Erin, who is seven years old.  Over the last ten years, Brielle has spent so much time with us that when she's not here it feels like a part of our family is missing.  She is like a daughter to us, truly.  If we show up to any family event without her, someone will ask "Where's Bri?"

  Sarah and Brielle, 2006 and 2012...

This wonderful young lady will turn 18 in March, graduate from high school in June, and then will go out in into the world to create a future for herself.  I know that whoever she meets along the way will be better for having met her, and fortunate to have her in their lives.  I will miss her greatly when she's not here, but I will also be a huge supporter of whatever she wants in life.  
Right now she dreams of a career in the culinary arts, 
and would love to own her own bakery.  
The necklace I designed for her will hopefully be a reminder of her dreams, and our unconditional support of her and her hopes, whatever they may be or become.

Oh, and by the way, her middle name is Rose.  
Here's the back of the necklace.
I love you, Brielle Rose Hall.